Key Features

With multiple filtering stages, WaterPlant 2 systems are capable of removing insoluble like residue, dirt, particals, sediments, precipitants, rust, in water.

With Cationic resin softener systems and technology, WaterPlant 2 is capable of removing Ca, Mg, Fe, hardness , in water.

With Active Carbon filters WaterPlant 2 is capable of removing certain organic compounds, chlorine, lead, dissolved radon, chemical contaminants, and odor -causing compounds during the process.

With R.O. Membrane system WaterPlant 2 is capable of producing also 400gal/day capacity Drinking Water at it’s final stage.
Alkaline Drinking Water output section is a part of the productions, it has a natural high pH level ranging anywhere from 8 to 9.5. The average diet of most people consists of food that are highly acidic with a range between 3.3 to 5. However what most people don t know is that this overload in our diets of acid has been linked to such diseases as diabetes, arteriosclerosis,high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions like cancer. By consuming alkaline water in place of tap or standard bottle water, we can help your body find the natural balance that it seeks.

With Ozonation systems technology, WateRPlant 2 “WP20BB/5” is capable of destroying every kind of bacteria, virus and other harmful living materials in water.It is also used as the pre-treatment system to remove iron, sulfur, manganese, color, bacteria, taste and odor. This will keep your polishing systems such as RO, softeners, and carbon filters from fouling.

With U.V. system WaterPlant 2 “WP20BB/5”  is capable of destroying 99.99% harmful micro-organisms. such as E.coli and/or coliform bacteria during the process.

Mobility & Advantages

WaterPlant Water Treatment System is an innovative filtration system which is portable and it’s really easy to connect or to move it if necessary. It also can be plugged in directly to municipal water systems. It can be used in houses, apartments, cafes, restaurants, clinics, stores, yachts, mega yachts, commercial aircrafts etc.


Water from a municipal water system is usually treated on some levels before it reaches you. Major problem for municipal water is that it’s still hard and contains many contaminants. Water Treatment Systems are required to provide water for regulated standarts. But you’ll never be sure if it’s enough for you or not.